Page Align the printer with the support unit and lower it into place on the tabs. Overlays are often used to take the place of preprinted forms and letterhead paper. When the reinstallation is done, click Finish. Now yours with Samsung financing. Install a new toner cartridge. Sorry, the page you’re looking for is not available.

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For Windows NT 4.

Changing the Printer Connection Method If you change the printer connection method from USB to parallel or vice versa while in use, you must re-configure your Linux printer by adding the printer to your system.

Using A Favorite Setting Using a Favorite Setting The Favorites option, which samsung 2250 printer visible on each properties tab, allows you to save the current samsung 2250 printer settings printwr future use.

Offer valid only for new Samsung.

Sorry, the page you’re looking for is not available.

If you have any printing problem after your printer prints about 60, TTENTION pages, you must contact the customer service to replace the transfer roller. Place the DIMM in its original packaging or wrap it with paper and store samsung 2250 printer in a box. Setting Paper Properties Setting Paper Properties Use the following options to set the basic paper handling needs when you access the printer properties.

In the Edit Overlays window, click Create Overlay. Printing A Document Printing a Samsung 2250 printer The following procedure describes the general steps required for printing from various Windows applications. In the Create Overlay window, type a name of up to eight characters in the File name box. When you change the print samsung 2250 printer from your software application, access the printer properties.


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Envelopes with Double Side Seams Double side-seam construction has vertical seams at both ends of the envelope rather than diagonal seams. Thanks for signing up!

Straighten the edges on a level surface. Open the front samsung 2250 printer and remove the toner cartridge. Redirect Notification As of Nov. Remove the tape fastening the interface cable from the bottom of the support unit. Hold the memory DIMM so that the notch and the connection point prijter aligned with the slot as shown, and insert it all samsung 2250 printer way into the upper slot.

Before loading envelopes into the Multi-Purpose Tray, make sure that they are undamaged and are not stuck together. Loading Samsung 2250 printer Proper paper loading helps prevent paper prunter and ensure trouble-free printing.

Make sure that all of the paper is properly aligned in the tray. For details, see page 4.

Tips for Avoiding Paper Jams By selecting the correct paper types, most paper jams can be avoided. Around The Toner Cartridge Around the Toner Cartridge Open samsung 2250 printer close the front cover, and the jammed paper automatically exits the printer.


Heat works with humidity to damage paper. Solving Print Quality Problems Solving Print Quality Problems If the inside of the printer is dirty, or paper is improperly loaded, print quality maybe reduced.

To prevent damage to the toner cartridge, do not expose it to light for more than a few minutes. Samsung 2250 printer print more than one page per sheet, the pages will appear decreased samsung 2250 printer size and arranged on the sheet.

Tray1 Optional Tray2 Load a stack of paper into the tray and print. Insert printre front of the network interface card to the corresponding slot of the machine.

Using Output Options You can select options for output of your document.

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For more information, please visit HP’s website: Reinsert the toner cartridge and close the cover. Using this mode samsung 2250 printer extend the life of your toner cartridge and reduce your cost per page, but will reduce the print quality.

If printing on special materials, use the Multi-Purpose Tray.