The IdeaPad S is so new that the manufacturer didn’t even have the time to put it on their German product homepage. Worth a recommendation despite the fairly high price. Comp Reviews Lenovo’s IdeaPad S may offer a newer processor and DDR3 memory but that doesn’t really garner much additional performance out of a meager netbook platform. The IdeaPad S belongs to the devices with the lowest power requirement in the already economic netbook family. Desktop performance for Windows Aero.

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Our synthetic processor benchmarks certify the Intel Atom N processor with 1. A possible alternative from Lenovo would also be the Thinkpad Xewith a matt display and a bit more power. The price of euro shows that Lenovo doesn’t regard the price war as the ultima ratio. Loudspeakers The sound leonvo, consisting of two loudspeakers below the wrist-rest, isn’t very lenovo ideapad s10 3 as in most netbooks, due to the small space lenovo ideapad s10 3.

Samsung’s Nalso with a very good workmanship and with a matt display. The port distribution seems logical: The intensity of basses and thus the music’s spacial density can be increased with it.

What users will really enjoy is the excellent keyboard, Bluetooth connectivity and a QuickStart OS for doing minor tasks on the go.


Lenovo Ideapad S Review & Rating |

Once again, the answer has been left up to looks and workmanship. How manufacturers ss10 to sell overall high-end materials and solid constructions in the lowest price classes. One netbook is soon followed by others. Merely Lenovo ideapad s10 3 Aspire One 4.

Our multimeter only measures 0. The reason for this is the omission of extra mouse keys. That is if they can ignore the obviously bending key bed.

The IdeaPad S isn’t a notebook replacement, though. PC World Everything Lenovo sells, including the third-gen, We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. The a10 has a small L2 cache of KB.

Lenovo IdeaPad S – External Reviews

If you are looking for a well built netbook with a long battery life, you should consider the Ideapad S despite lenofo higher price. It’s not the ultimately perfect netbook, as the N has already earned itself this title. The highest temperature that we can measure on the lenovo ideapad s10 3 is Lenovo has managed to build a good looking case that can do without a high-gloss lid.

The tradeoff of having a full-size keyboard on a inch netbook lenovo ideapad s10 3 that there’s only so much depth for everything else. If you surf, check emails or watch video clips with the IdeaPad S, you can take delight in pleasant temperatures between 28 and 30 degrees. The image dims already at about 25 degrees, though. But a good keyboard has somehow eluded its inch netbook line until ideaapad.


Lenovo is one of the leading elements lenovo ideapad s10 3 that spectrum, and today we have their much coveted IdeaPad series with us, with the new IdeaPAd S Merely the small manual and.

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View All 7 Photos in Gallery. The smallest “problem” is the high-gloss lid.

The touchpad is on the wrist-rest’s level. Type and point with one before you grab something else.

Review Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 Netbook

In fact, it’s lenovo ideapad s10 3 very configurable at all. In the last few months, where one manufacturer after the other launched their netbooks with the newest Pine Trail platform onto the market, Lenovo belongs to those who have taken quite a bit of time.

The temperature of the Atom processor reaches 60 lenogo Celsius at most in the stress test.

It provides 30 watts and is completely sufficient for the netbook’s low power consumption.